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Permanent magnet cylinder

TCXT series permanent magnet cylinder

Magnetic metal particles (powder) materials and raw materials mixed with inclusions, the formation of ring around the permanent magnet material layer by the entrance, which the magnetic metal inclusions are adsorbed due to the magnetic field magnetization in the permanent magnet of the magnetic poles on the plate surface, and satellites material (powder), raw materials from the magnetic field passed through the exit outflow machine to achieve the purpose of separation.

Non-magnetic cylinder of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance.
The device is equipped with two strong magnetic field greater than 3500 gauss magnetic tower.
Uniform magnetic tower surface magnetic field strength, to ensure that the filter separation.
Magnetic tower on the door, and together with the magnetic door rotate out for easy cleaning.
The special arrangement of high-performance permanent magnets, in addition to iron efficiency ≥ 99%.
Mainly used in magnetic metallic inclusions in the share of raw materials for food processing plants of all sizes, to ensure product quality and improve the safety performance of the equipment in the production process.
The main technical parameters
A permanent magnet diameter: Φ120, Φ150, Φ200, diameters from Φ250 to, Φ300 (mm)
2, the output (T / H)

Yield r=0.5 10-15 20-25 30-40 45-55
r=0.75 15-20 30-35 45-60 65-30

3、Mounting dimensions
Model A(Φ) B(Φ) C(Φ) D(Φ) H n×Φd
TCXT12 190 160 120 200 400 6-Φ8.5
TCXT15 220 190 150 270 450 6-Φ8.5
TCXT20 270 240 200 295 450 6-Φ8.5
TCXT25 340 310 250 370 450 6-Φ8.5
TCXT30 370 340 300 410 500 8-Φ10.5
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