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Bran machine
Working principle The bran flakes are thrown to the buffer plate and elastic screen when the material has been struck by the adjustable thrashing plate rotating at high speed. After several thrashings the flour is separated from bran flakes, and falls into the discharge bucket via a screen mesh. At the same time, the high quality bran flakes with low flour content are obtained.       
Characteristics The shell body is made of high quality steel plates with beautiful appearance.    
The dynamic balance checkout is used for the rotor, basic shaft and thrashing plate. 
The imported bearing has higher rotation accuracy and longer service life.
The equipment features smooth operation, low noise and small power consumption.
A specially made elastic screen ensures the screen mesh using efficiency is improved greatly.
It is simple in structure and easy to maintain.
Application When the machine is used in the front and middle break systems, it will handle the bigger bran flakes separated after coarse screening, and remove the endosperm adsorbed on the bran flake, and reduce the load on the rear break system, and improve the milling efficiency. When the machine is used in the rear break system, it will remove the powder particles left on the bran flakes, and reduce the flour content of the bran flakes, and improve the flour yield. 
Main specifications and technical parameters



production capacity


diameter of the roter


Length of boult


Rotate speed of rotor


power of motor


aspirating capacity


outline dimension


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