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Impact Mill

Working principle
Use of high-speed rotation of the impeller, pins, and the impact circle, so that the material rotation, get great centrifugal force, the materials in the impeller, the dowel pin and hit the circle between the continuous impact, so that the material is grind, have a higher impact mill flour rate.

Welded steel shell; simple structure, easy to operate.
Full carbide dowel pin to ensure that parts have excellent wear resistance.
The unique structure of the process to improve grinding efficiency; higher flour yield.
The advanced processing means and reasonable manufacturing process to ensure the equipment precision and quality.
Rotor after the high-precision dynamic balance calibration, stable and reliable operation, small vibration.
Non-toxic paint, brand dust explosion-proof motor, equipment safety, health, and reliable operation.
Impact mill mainly used in the milling process, the impact in the posterior product from the auxiliary mill peace screen role, reasonable use can improve the efficiency of milling in the milling process; or impact insecticide.

Main specifications and technical parameters

Parameters \ Model FZJM53
Production capacity 2.5T/h
Thrown disc diameter 530mm
Rejection disk speed 2930rpm/min
Motor Power 15KW
Dimensions 670m×670mm×760mm
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