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wheat distributor
TPLP Series Displacement Wheat DistributorWorking principle
On the basis of digesting and absorbing international advanced technology, the equipment is developed for raw material proportioning and mixing as well as ration supply of raw grains in accordance with different volumes of quantitative components in the wheat distributor.
Shell made of high-quality steel, beautiful appearance.
Advanced manufacturing process ensures accurate proportioning.
Smooth running with low noise.
Specially designed feed inlet helps evenly deliver materials into the proportioning area and maintain a more constant ratio.
Proportioning combination ratio displays on equipment surface, simple and convenient, with less error rate.
Good sealing performance, easy assembly and disassembly.
The wheat distributor is mainly used for proportioning and mixing, and also used as a meter. It can be used for raw material proportioning and mixing, or to supply at constant percentage.
Main technical parameters
The displacement wheat distributor has two models: TPLP30 and TPLP20, each with six quantitative trays of 2%, 4%, 8%, 16%, 32% and 38%.

Parameter Model

The ratio of error
Ratio range
Selected speed range
Maximum yield of
Single power


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